• 主演:劳伦·白考尔,马里莎·贝伦森,杜鲁门·卡波特,Nicky,Vreeland
  • 导演:Lisa,Immordino,Vreeland,Frédéric,Tcheng,Bent-Jorgen,Perlmutt
Diana Vreeland (1903-89) was the twentieth century’s greatest arbiter of , an exotic and vibrant character who, during her fifty-year reign as the “Empress of Fashion,“ dazzled the world with her unique vision of high and low. She was the most important oracle of fashion inviting us to join her on a voyage of perpetual reinvention and take part in the adventure of life. Through her trained and diligent eye, she opened the door of our minds and gave us the freedom to imagine. Her images and accomplishments are as fresh and relevant now as they were then, and her spirit is just a vibrant and relevant today. As Jackie Onassis once put it: “To say Diana Vreeland has dealt only with fashion trivializes what she has done. She has commented on the times in a wise and witty manner. She has lived a life.“